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Rose Quartz Oasis Bracelet

Rose Quartz Oasis Bracelet

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This bracelet is a delicate and feminine combination of soft green beads and rosy pink quartz stones. The subtle color palette evokes images of a tranquil oasis in the middle of a desert, with the refreshing greens and soothing pinks providing a sense of calm and serenity.

The smooth, polished beads and stones feel cool and comforting against the skin, and the simple yet elegant design makes it perfect for everyday wear. The gentle energy of the rose quartz is said to promote love and harmony, while the green beads represent growth and renewal. Together, they create a bracelet that is both beautiful and meaningful, and a lovely reminder to take a moment to pause and appreciate the simple joys in life.

17 cm +4 cm adding chain

Perfect for wrist size about ( 15-17 cm) 


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