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What is the Sizde bedar?

The 13th day of Norooz called Sizde bedar 🙂
Sizde Bedar is an ancient Persian festival that is celebrated on the 13th day of the Persian New Year, which usually falls on or around April 2nd. Sizde Bedar translates to "thirteen outdoor," as it is a day for people to go outside and enjoy the spring weather after spending the first twelve days of the new year indoors with family and friends.
On Sizde Bedar, Iranians traditionally pack up a picnic and head to parks or other outdoor areas to celebrate. It's a time for families and friends to come together, socialize, and enjoy the beauty of nature. People bring with them traditional Persian foods, such as sabzi polo ba mahi (herbed rice with fish), kuku sabzi (herb and vegetable omelet), and ash-e reshteh (a hearty soup made with beans, noodles, and herbs).
In addition to enjoying delicious food, people often play games, listen to music, and dance. It's also common for young people to tie green blades of grass into knots, which they then throw into a nearby stream or river to symbolize casting away bad luck.
Sizde Bedar has been celebrated in Iran for thousands of years and is a cherished part of Persian culture. Despite political and social changes over time, the festival has remained an important tradition for Iranians both in Iran and around the world.