Tirgan is one of the four ancient Iranian festivals that mark the changing of seasons.

The other three festivals are Norouz, which celebrates the arrival of spring, Yalda, which marks the winter solstice, and Mehregan, which commemorates the autumn season.

Date: 13th of Tir ( 2,3,4 of July)

Arash the Archer is the symbol of Tirgan.

Arash the Archer is the symbol of Tirgan.

Legend of Tirgan

The legend of Tirgan, tells the story of an ancient Iranian festival with multiple origins. One prominent legend revolves around the peace agreement between Iran and Turan, two longstanding enemies. To establish the boundaries between their empires, they devised a plan.

Arash, the most skilled archer in the Iranian army, was chosen for a crucial task. He climbed Mount Damavand and prepared to shoot an arrow. The location where the arrow would land would determine the new boundaries. Iranians gathered, hopeful for a favorable outcome.

As the sun rose, Arash released his arrow, and it soared through the sky. With each passing moment, the arrow travelled farther and higher, surpassing everyone's expectations. The arrow flew until noon, expanding the boundaries of Iran beyond what anyone had imagined.

This remarkable outcome resulted in the inclusion of diverse cultures and territories within Iran.

Tirgan became a celebration of this newfound diversity and the unity that came from embracing different cultures and backgrounds. The festival serves as a reminder of the power of unity and the richness that diversity brings to the Iranian heritage.

How to Celebrate? 

Tirgan is celebrated by splashing water, dancing, reciting poetry, and serving traditional dishes such as spinach soup and sholeh zard, a saffron rice pudding.

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