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Emerald Amethyst Bracelet

Emerald Amethyst Bracelet

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This bracelet is a beautiful combination of lush green and regal purple, with vivid green beads accented by sparkling amethyst stones. The color scheme is reminiscent of a lush garden at sunset, with the deep purples and bright greens blending together in perfect harmony.


The smooth, polished beads feel cool and refreshing against the skin, and the contrasting textures of the beads and stones add depth and dimension to the bracelet. Wear it with earthy tones to enhance its natural beauty, or pair it with complementary colors for a bold and eye-catching look. Either way, this bracelet is sure to become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

17 cm +4 cm adding chain

Perfect for wrist size about ( 15-17 cm) 


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